About Us

About Tonshung

Established in 1982, Tonshung Technology is a professional eyewear R&D and manufacturing company of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Sports. Our areas of expertise include customized product design, plastic injection technology, and comprehensive custom product plan and production.

Our product types are safety goggles, safety glasses, face shields, masks, ballistic eyewear, ski goggles, sports eyewear, paintball masks, and other personal safety equipments. With our experience in product design, manufacturing technology, quality managements, and testing laboratories, we dedicate ourselves to exceed your expectations. Our product performance, services, and reliability standards are recognized by ISO 9001:2015.

Guided by our commitment to excellence and dedication to our customers, Tonshung is more than a manufacturer. As an Original Design Manufacturer, we provide comprehensive services including product design, development, manufacturing and quality standards testing focusing your target markets.


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