What are safety glasses that go over glasses?

What are safety glasses that go over glasses?

safety glasses that go over glasses on head mannequin

What are safety glasses that go over glasses?  They are the protective glasses that can go over on users’

prescription glasses. Go over the glasses function works like the regular safety glasses, they protect users from direct contact from flying objects, hazardous liquids, gasses, or other harmful material.

There are two common safety glasses options for people who wear eyeglasses: The glasses that Over the Glasses and prescription safety glasses. Both of them offer the same protection against the potential occurrence of eye hazard risk, but with different advantages.

The safety glasses that Over the Glasses: it comes in Universal size, fits over most prescription glasses, and has a competitive price.

The prescription safety glasses: A specific safety glasses with customized diopter, and it is customized. Because of the customized glasses, it provides a better fit and comfortable on the user’s face. However, the price is much higher compared with the over-the-glasses option.


How to choose the go over the glasses:

  1. Universal size and economic glasses. Glasses with a rectangle lens shape, a slight shield on the top of the lens, and a wide glasses temple.
  2. Functional temples glasses. The temples’ adjustable safety glasses offer three-direction adjustment or four-length adjustment. The flexibly temples function can be adjusted based on users’ face shape or glasses outline up or down, and short or long to fit over the prescription glasses better.
  3. Safety goggles that over the glasses (OTG). if the working environment has liquids, gasses, or other harmful material risks. The safety goggles are a good choice to fit over prescription glasses. The over-the-glasses goggles have a wide frame design that can cover whole glasses and contact face comfortably. Available option for direct vent, indirect vent, or seal frame.

A gentle reminder, a dirty, scratched, and the cracking device will reduce the vision clearly and increase the eye injury risk, please change to a new device immediately.

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